Old Layout it back & Korean People

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So. Surprisingly my new layout is back - I thought I had lost it all but luckily it is still ALIVE! :O

I went to Northbridge & the City today ay ay ay....

Went to eat @ Poppo and then shopped at Hi-Mart and Mum bought 3 THREE TREE TWEEE packets of KIMCHI. Then the guy at the counter said something in Korean and I said hello o.O and he's like 'oh sorry.'

So, was he just testing to see if I was Korean? Did he think I was Korean? o.O

Anyhoo, after that I played in that water sprinkler fountain thingie in front of the library. Then I walked past Yun's shop and I saw someone whom I thought was Yun's Dad and said hi +___+ bad mistake. 

I don't think it was him? Cause he was sitting down and I just said hello and the people sitting with him was just like staring at me like I'm some weirdo...

Ahhhhhh how embarassing~

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