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Stranger: hiiiiiiiiiii
You: hi
Stranger: are u there???????
You: yes i am here
You: are you there?????????????
Stranger: no iam having my ghost out here........
You: hello?????
Stranger: asl
You: ni shi deaf desuu-ka?
Stranger: which language is this|??????
You: british
Stranger: it may be some hi fi british one?????
You: its british mixed with french mixed with afrikaans
You: arasor?
You: tsk tsk
Stranger: please for god sake don't mix languages it seems terrible.......
You: well you're boring
You: not mixing languages at all
Stranger: please tell plain enlish
You: so unoriginal
You: ndelyitriywrhehrdsklghkxzkjtisyi
You: dlehfrhdfh,dfh?
Stranger: fuck.....................
You: dude you don't even know how to spell
Stranger: oh is that so........
You: what the heck is enlish?
Stranger: how u knew my sex
You: coz im psycho
Stranger: well it was just a typing mistake
Stranger: are u m/f?????????
You: i am the gender of a hybrid birdy
You: that flew on top of a tree
You: and laid an egg
You: allasor?
You: fromage, s'il vous plait
Stranger: yeah i knew u will say such a answer
You: W
Stranger: you don't seems to be normal.....
You: no
You: im the mad hatter
You: would you like some tea?
Stranger: yes why not ......
You: *pours some weird concoction of tea*
You: drink up sweetie
You: you're gonna have to flab those bones out
You: your pa ain't gonna pat them 'ny b'tter
Stranger: let me tell......
Stranger: u seems to be an american
Stranger: then french
Stranger: british
Stranger: mexican
Stranger: then u must be an alien!!!!!!!!1111
You: i live in the coldest area in the world!
Stranger: canada
You: im actually antartican
You: i swim with the polar bears
Stranger: are u a penguin or a pengman=penguin + man
You: im a pretty vampire princess penguin stuck in a human body
Stranger: are u f
You: but no one has ever believed me
You: so ive always been stuck
You: i already told you
Stranger: fuck off
You: good job bob
Stranger: mother fucker
You: r you hispanic?! O_O
Stranger: what is that??????????
You: good question
Stranger: thnk u????
You: santa clause says if you swear he won't give you any presents on christmas day
Stranger: well i am an indian
Stranger: dead.........
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  1. lol, what a most disagreeable person indeed. i thought your responses were perfectly perfect ;D