Foooooood Inc & The Funeral

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I watched The Proposal and Food Inc (only half of it) and WOW i was like trying to eat and watch it at the same time. It's just really sad as to what society and the industry is doing to us. That kid died because of E-COLI!!!! And McDonalds is the source of all things evil and yet I love it so much. They kill chicken, cows, pigs! The cows have to eat corn when they should naturally be eating grass! That's like telling all of us humans to be eating insects instead of actual food. Chickens die every single days - they're not even in farms anymore they're in like mass production. Poor farmers as well! I know it's all in America, like really far away from here BUT wow. I'm just so shocked, they even told us about how the people are using these chemicals to make the chickens fatter because we love the breasts of chickens. So now the poor chickens of 2008 are fat and sick and can't even walk properly because they're so fat. This is far far far from what was pictured in picture books. The cows are sick and yet they still slaughter them and sell them off to factories. 

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