I have come to the conclusion that

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Blockheaded-ness runs in our blood.

It is so not fair since everyone has some sort of wicked, cool gene and I have a genetically malfunctioned gene which is blockheaded-ness. Four members in our family and we're all completely bonkers with temper and say stuff which turns out completely stupid even though none of us are considered 'seniors' yet. (So we don't have Alzheimers')

My dad is only happy when he finds movies to download online before they come out to cinemas, he is also very happy when he gets the lotto and sticks his buck teeth out when he smiles.

My mum is only happy when someone massages her and when her job gives her the extra money because she has over _kg of mushrooms and she likes to play mahjong and gossip about people.

My sister is only ever happy when she is with her friends, partying, or with guys and she likes to shop and she's always out of money.

I'm only ever happy when I get to do stuff I want to do all day or get good test scores (which is so rare that I am only extra extra happy when it happens) and when I do fun things and crazy and weird things.

I remember I wrote about my family and my half sister posted it on her blog and a few people commented on it. Then she asked me to write another story and I gave up halfway through. It seems that I can only write good stories when theyre first written out on paper using pen first. It is actually sort of weird?

My family, not including the four people who I call mum dad and sis, ARE SMART (and have good jobs)!!!!!!!!
Well, it's true.... my uncle is like hecka rich but he doesn't look like it. My cousins is like in charge of a shop part called chocolate or something. An accountant (but she quit after geting married) then my cousin I dunno but I think he works with my uncle. My other cousin is like working at night times only (office something)....

My dad's side my uncle (who is partly paralyzed) can still afford to earn money whilst staying at home and going on the computer all day doing economical stuff (investments and everything) and my other uncle is working at a tourist personal thingie. They're all like hella smart and my family is just like bonkers like cheese and potato and tomato.

You know what, my mum isn't even at the parent interviews tonight because of her block headed ness!!!! Since she doesn't do technical stuff....she broke something electronic the other day so she's staying away from anything technical like the computer or tv or something unless we do it for her. Hahahahah... so not funny because my Grandad (mum's dad) has a better and high tech mobile phone than my mum -____-

And at the end of the blog which I posted up onto my half sis blog about my family comes to the conclusion that my family is awesome apart from their blockheaded ness. Like all great stories, there has a resolution, a climax and this happens to be the one for my entry post.

Mmmmm,,,, they're funny.

Dad: $*(^%(%&$#@&*( (not swear word....just dunno what he said) something bout food.
Mum: Hah?! (so loud -_-) ... WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!
Dad: Huh? Oh nothing...

I could picture this in Atashin'chi (Fa si lai!!!!)


  1. (:
    half the time, it's our families dysfunctionalities (if thats even a word) that give them personality :p
    what would an episode of Atashin'chi or the simpons be like with a perfect, or even NORMAL family?? ^^