Clone Situation

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So...I brought up this topic in Economics class and we discussed it before the school day ended. What if...there was a new girl who came to your school and she was the second version of you except better?

 What if she was prettier, smarter, taller, skinnier, cuter than you. She was well liked in school and was very social, she's in the same group as you and all your friends want to be friends with her.

You didn't mind her at first, but then you became friends with her and talked with her when SUDDENLY ~ she has the same hairstyle as you (let's say you have beautiful medium length dyed brown hair) and she suddenly likes all the same music, movies, actors and actresses, singers and models as you do. She likes all of your interests. So you don't really mind at all since you can talk to her about it and stuff but it does get on your nerves a bit since she likes EVERYTHING you like.

 Then she starts dressing like you do (you usually dress really preppy then she starts wearing similar things as you) , starts talking like you do ( using words you usually us), starts liking the same guys as you do, starts copying your personality, doing the same thing you do except you do it in front of a couple of people while she does it in front of a crowd, starts talking talking to the people your close with. The worst thing is? She does everything better than you do and looks better than you do. The worser thing is? You can't tell her to stop since you might end up hurting her and a) everyone will ask why you're being so mean to her (remember, everyone likes her more than you now) b) she'll deny it

Then what happens when she doesn't talk to you anymore and she sort of steals your friends from you. She now goes to the places you go without inviting you, she hangs out with your friends without inviting you, she shares the music with your other friends and now they like the same music which you originally liked first, you tell your group of friends that you like something and the next day she talks about it so much.

How do you feel that you're being 'replaced'?
What are you going to do?
Is she trying to make you jealous or is she admiring you?

My thoughts:
I'd feel that my individuality, originality, my own fashion sense, my own interests aren't so much 'mine' anymore. I'd feel kind of invisible and like I'm being replaced.

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