I Hate Year Ten

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Why is life so hard in year ten, get so many assignments in 8 weeks!
It feels like jail...and it feels so much longer than just 8 weeks.
How will we survive next term, and the term after, and the term after the term after?!
Since they're going to be 11 weeks - which equals to 33 weeks!!!

When will school be more interesting and fun again?
When will I go out more with friends and go shopping and hanging out with them instead of stressing over school work which makes blemishes pop up all over faces?
School is torture...why can't they make school more fun and exciting?

Like for maths we could play games and go in groups
In English we can discuss more and perform it out and not write so much.
In Science we can do more experiments instead of writing notes down and doing posters and assignments.
In Economics we can make it seem like a real stock market instead of playing a game online.

schools should make lessons relate them to real life. Like we pay bills and taxes and rent we should learn how to do that. We should learn how to manage children and cook. We should learn like in the future you want to be a doctor, you should experience how doctors usually do stuff. Or if you want to be a lawyer, you should dress up in a suit and debate more in class. If you want to be a teacher, let's be the teacher for the day. Make it seem more like reality more than 'oh you're at school, learn this and learn this and remember it. we're going to have a test next week on what you've learnt.'

People have different ways of learning and the only way schools teach us are to tell us, write it on the board and we copy it down or give us worksheets to do. I especially dislike teachers who don't explain the thing properly and then they ask 'do you understand it?' NO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BUT I WILL NOT SAY I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BECAUSE YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO MAKE THE LESSON UNDERSTANDABLE. I like teachers who give out examples though and how it relates to real life because then I can fully understand them. Especially psychology because I noticed I use the type of term a lot in real life like prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.

I don't really understand my computer science class though but the assignment about how people downloading illegally was good but it should have been a more fun assignment!!! Could change the questions a bit. My whole assignment was only words -_-

As you can see...I'm a visual learner I like to picture things and use diagrams and pictures or like act it out etc....So it's quite hard for me to learn and get them into my brain =____=

Just realized how hard being a teacher is.

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