The Tomato Patch .... a part of it

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The plus-sized nurse from the vet had given us back his ashes since we wanted to bury them in our backyard. It was miserable as Grandma helped dig up a hole and sprinkled the ashes into it. We stayed up that night, snuggled up in bed until Mum came home from work to take me back home. The next day when we checked the grave, we discovered that Dad had accidentally planted tomato seeds on top of the grave. It wasn't our fault the sign that read 'GRAVE' turned into weird words of some kind. Grandma told him off for being inconsiderate to the dead. It was pretty sad at first for the first couple of days we were outside doing the garden, since his ashes were being used as the fertilizer for some tomatoes. We quickly forgot about the grave though when sprouts came shooting up from the ground. The tomatoes were delicious, red and juicy. It was sad how we're sort of eating Grandma's dog though. Mum called us cannibals but Grandma said that she was being stupid, as usual, since he was a dog and not a human. 

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  1. nice to see you've finally made a start to something! :D good work.