Beauty and the Beast Translation (Cantonese Dub) XD

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Belle: Ding lai gor fai
Why is it so dark in here?
Is anybody here?
Voice: Beauty (Fui Yee)
The candle: Jie Jie, Big Sister
Belle: Dad?
-Belle runs over-
Dad: Quickly get me out of here
Belle: No way
Dad: -cough cough-
Belle: I already go first
Dad: Why does your breath smell so much now?
Belle: I haven't brushed my teeth for 10 days!!
Dad: No point telling me, there's no toothpaste here
Belle: Yiu, then why did you ask?
-Beast grabs Belle-
Belle: What's going on?
Are you filming a movie?
Beast: Film your life!
Belle: Don't mess with me
Even if you want to, mess with my father only
Beast: There's nothing good to mess with your father with
Belle: I also have nothing good to mess with
Smell how bad my mouth smells!
Beast: wah~ it really smells so bad
Nearly can't breathe
Belle: Let me go I'll treat you to some food
5 chickens...i'll add a roast pig?
Beast: Are you joking?
You said...add a roast pig?!
Dad: No Beauty~ it's really expensive
Belle: It's a prize, the best one yet
Beast: You need to add in 2 roast ducks
Belle: -thinks....- CAN YOU EAT THAT MUCH?!
Beast: - comes out of shadow-
Belle: -gasps-
Dad: He can really eat, has a big appetitie!! He will eat until you're bankrupt!!
Belle: Then...I'll give you my dad too
Dad: Don't sell dad... Dad is really miserable
Belle: GO AWAY
Dad: Beaaaatyyy~
Belle: bye bye lah~
Beast: -takes dad outside-
Dad: please, I beg you-  let me go

..... i dunno how to translate the rest

but when the beast goes bak up the stairs

Candle: Master...
Beast: WHAT?
Candle: Erm...actually the roast pig you won't be able to eat all by yourself how about you give half to me? So you don't need to waste it...
Beast: uhhhh
Candle: ??? dunno wat he say

Belle is crying
Belle: Don't come closer!
I haven't brushed my teeth for 10 days!
My mouth is smellier than yours
Beast: I'll bring you to brush your teeth
Belle: Brush my teeth?
There's toothpaste?
Beast: There's all kinds of different flavours, whatever flavour you want
Belle: Really?
Beast: Folllow me....



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