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I went to a Christian school and what this means is basically that our sex education was short, sweet and incredibly one sided. The gist of our 'education' is that we had to wait to have sex after marriage otherwise our lives would be ruined and our options are cut - that we won't have a successful life and that life will be a struggle after having sex.

They didn't tell us that there were other options. There was only one option - don't have sex. The worst part was that they separated the genders up so that females were in one room for sex education while the males were in another room for sex education. We didn't even received the so called education until we were around 15 years of age. It's just ridiculous looking back now on how my religious school has failed us so hard. 

I want you and everyone to know that there are options - there are options beyond pregnancy or even options before sex. There are contraceptives. Your life doesn't just end there after getting pregnant. You should be able to choose for yourself. It is your life and your body and nobody should be taking these basic human rights to CHOOSE from you. I so strongly believe in educating both men and women in sexual education in all forms and I am so passionate about having the ability to choose what you do with your life FOR YOURSELF. You should be able to have the option to keep the baby or have the option to abort it. 

When we lose empathy for others is when we lose the essence of what it means to be human. 

Why do women have abortions? 

Do you understand or even know why abortions even take place? It's not only just because they happened to fall pregnant after having sex - it can be so many other reasons.

The top 3 reasons: 

  • having a child would interfere with a woman's education, work or ability to care for dependents (74%);
  • that she could not afford a baby now (73%);
  • and that she did not want to be a single mother or was having relationship problems (48%).

I just cannot wrap my head around the reason why people would want to barge their way into somebody else's business in regards to a person's body. I've read and heard people wanting to keep the baby but what happens to the baby THAT NOBODY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE? It's a destructive cycle. The child is left unloved in a world that's already broken. The adoption process is difficult and numbing for the child who goes from home to home. Nobody should have to go through the process of foster care when so many people cheat the system and are in it for the money instead of actually looking after the child. It's a never-ending cycle. 

We should be educating both our sons and daughters. Men and women. Into proper sexual reproductive education and how our bodies work. I've always wondered why we need to pay sanitary tissues. They're not even that cheap either. Why is something so necessary and part of every single woman's life (a necessity) not free? Why do people give out condoms for free but not sanitary pads? I don't understand how this works. 

Making abortions illegal doesn't stop abortions from happening. They decided they don't want the baby - people will find a way to not have a baby. Making it illegal isn't going to do anything. In fact, actually, it will make it worse. 

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