1 Day Acuvue Black Lenses

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These are old photos btw, I just found them on my camera and decided to sharee.

These lenses englarge your irises making them to appear larger and brighter.
They are my first set of contact lenses and surprisingly easy to put in and take out.
They're also very comfortable!
I also had doubts whether to wear them or not because my sister told me that she felt like the contacts went to the back of her eyes and she couldn't get them out so I hesitated a lot.
Then that day, I finally did it :)
It feels as if you're not wearing anything at all.
It doesn't affect your sight or anything at all.
Remember when I posted that I wanted circle lenses?

So...they're not exactly circle lenses...but close enough :)

Here are some pictures for 1 Day Acuvue Define:

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