Juria Nakagawa: Style Idol

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Hello my lovely readers, people who happen to browse through and creepy stalkers!

Today I would like to share with you one of my style inspirations/ style idols whom I have recently become obsessed with! Her name is Juria Nakagawa and she's the same age as me ~ 17 years old! I discovered her while browsing through Tokyo Fashion to look at beautiful Harajuku fashion which lead me to her tumblr blog where most of these photos I stole from!

I really like this look! It's so casual yet it has a bit of an edge to it. 

Other than the fact that we're both the same age, Asian, average height, love tattoo tights and a lover of Harajuku style - she's pretty much got an insane sense of fashion. She's become quite popular lately and her photos have been posted around tumblr a lot.

She currently works at a shop named AvantGarde in Harajuku (is that not the classiest name ever?!) and a model/DJ as well!  

She's best known for her cute but punk style! As you can see from the photos below, she usually has these pastel coloured long hair and she matches it with darker clothes which are more grunge. (Sorry, I'm terrible at explaining/describing things) So this makes her have this unique look of having cute/punk/creepy style which I absolutely adore! 

I love both styles! I think I'm more of a WHITE (right) style as of now. 
As I'm turning 18 in less than a month (eek!) I sort of want to venture off into a new style which would suit my age more. I haven't really developed a style per se but if I were to pick a style ~ it would definitely be Juria Nakagawa's because it's not completely punk/goth but it's not completely cute/sweet like I see in Harajuku usually. It's like a mixture of both!

Love this outfit. She dropped her signature tattoo tights but she still looks fab.

She is also known for her makeup as well which I think is so pretty yet Gothic at the same time! It's usually purple with or without sparkles paired with dark circle lenses. I really like it but I don't think I can pull it off without looking like I've just bruised my eye or something. 

One of her more 'sweeter' looks yet still totally keeping the gothic look with her makeup and armlet/choker.

Loving both of their outfits. Do you get what I mean by her style?!
One of the other things I love about Juria's style is her AMAZING hair!! It's always a shade of pastel which are one of my favourite things in the world. Anything that's pastel pink, purple or blue ~ I immediately fall in love with.

 I actually attempted to do this to my own hair; this mermaid/pony/pastel hair but unfortunately, I didn't use a strong enough bleach and I didn't buy the correct toner (I think?) and so now it's an orange, brassy colour which I absolutely hate and my hair is still quite dry and damaged after being soaked in conditioner!

HOWEVER! I still want Juria's hair no matter what but I don't know if I will get a job if I have purple hair ... Ugh, life.

One of the styles I would totally wear!


  1. her style is so cute! i can understand why she's your idol style xD

    followed you xoxo :)

  2. the pastel/harajuku inspiration posts you've been making recently really makes me want to dye my hair XD i think i would be a fan of the baby pink more just because purple can fade into a grey :c but alskdfjalsdkf it looks so cute! i love her name too ^_^

  3. Hahaha me too! I feel exactly the same way! :D

    I think baby pink would look lovely!!!
    I would choose pastel pink hair with lilac tips if I could but I definitely don't think I can pull it off. :(
    I love her name too -- it sounds so unique.

    p.s what happened to your blog? I can't access it anymore?! :(

    1. photoshop it on so you know what it looks like! I think we should experiment with new styles when we're young cause we can get away with it versus being 20 something and having a job XD

      and I changed my URL! that's probably why XD http://19th-tealeaf.blogspot.com

  4. Yes! I absolutely adore her style! ><

    Thank you so much for following!! :D

  5. I love her fashion sense! The denim shorts are so grungy looking I want them! The skirts are cute too, makes me want to dress like them more :)


  6. Totally agree!! I want her fashion sense ><