Style Inspiration + Lookbook no.1

17:25 Cyndi 2 Comments

There's something about these two outfits which really draw me to them. They're so simplistic and casual yet I love how the pieces and combinations work together. They're more of a Autumn/Winter outfit because if I wore them right now I would be having a heat stroke. It is literally over 30 degrees celcius here in Australia. It's actually cooler today/tonight but the week before it's been in the high 30's. 

I also pieced together an outfit I usually wear and it's not as classy and stylish as the two outfits above but hopefully I'll be able to make progress throughout the year as I work my way through to becoming more stylish! Yay!

Top from eBay 'Galaxy King Cat with crown', Bag from Sportsgirl, Pastel Blue jeans from Dotti, Shoes are thrifted, jewellery from Lovisa

I also perfected my makeup today and I am so proud of myself! I actually like  my makeup! Usually I am disappointed in myself but today I actually like it! I bought Maybelline's gel eyeliner and it's FitMe  concealer in Medium (will post review on it later!) and I love them so much! It makes my cat eye so much more prettier! Usually by the end of the day I look like a panda because my eyeliner and mascara get smudged. Oh dear -_-;;

I shall end this post with a very camwhore-y post with my Arizona green tea (loves!) Do you like my cat eye? It's not perfect but it's a definite improvement!! :)


  1. The epicness of that shirt is beyond comparison...
    Also, congratulations on your makeup-ing endeavours :{D
    I don't suppose you want to help me out with that any time? I'm still stabbing myself in the eye with mascara like a twelve year old.
    ps. Cindy. I want some of that green tea. What is it??? I've never seen anything like it before!

  2. Woo! Yes, thank you!

    I DOOOO want to help you anytime you're available!

    About the mascara thing...I don't have eyelashes so I don't even know why I apply mascara and you don't even really need it that much either since your eyelashes are so thick and long!

    That green tea is called Arizona Green Tea with Honey! You can buy it at your local Coles/Woolworths (really depends if they stock it). It's not too sweet!