Revamp! (and a little bit of Sailor Moon)

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As you can see, I have revamped my blog! No more am I constrained to the 'box' layout. I am FREE! It was so simple. I had always wanted to get rid of the box layout because I wasn't able to make my photos LARGE I could only make them fit according to how big the box was but I couldn't figure out how but then I took the big risk of changing the Blogger layout and ta-dah. So now I can upload really big photos! Yei!

On a side note, I have mixed feelings about my layout. I definitely loved my colour scheme from the theme before as everything feels less whimsical. I also need to fix the CSS (ugh -_-;;) However, a new year definitely means a new layout ~ so YEI!

I sort of have to admit, that photo on the right hand is severely photoshopped! I can't find the original un-photoshopped version (damnit!) Also, I copied the idea of the 'connect' from fashiononymous! She has beautiful co-ordinates and a brill style PLUS she's from Hong Kong! yay for fellow Hong Kong(-er?)

Anyhoo, hopefully by the next time I post my layout will have been sorted and made all nice again but in the meantime I must go to sleep or perhaps just end up reading Sailor Moon again?

P.S Anyone else as excited as me for Sailor Moon 2013?! Sailor Moon was basically my whole childhood (along with Totoro and Laputa) because pft, I'm one of those people who didn't grow up with Disney Princesses. I was a hipster and I watched Sailor Moon (yay!)

Here are some Sailor Moon fanart spam for you lovelies! (Most stolen from Tumblr- Here!)

This is my favourite Black Moon villain, Koan!!! I really want to cosplay her!

This is going to sound totally cliched byt Sailor Moon was definitely my favourite character! 

Look at their little friendship bond (which I'm not part of ;_;)

LUNA in human form!! That movie was weird. 

Rei/Sailor Mars! She is my second favourite senshi! 

I am definitely going to be posting a lot more of Sailor Moon now that my love for Sailor Moon has rekindled as Sailor Moon 2013 is slowly approaching! I have been reading the manga (I've never read it before :O) and I've been watching Sailor Moon episodes because my parents never actually showed me the second arc of Sailor Moon R or Sailor Moon S (so many filler episodes though D: my bandwidth~)

My favourite arc/theme song/everything is definitely Sailor Moon Stars. Ahhhh~~


  1. how'd you get rid of the box layout? O: i had to make my pictures large instead of extra large because they were cut off :c the whole layout still looks great though c: and omg sailor moon, haven't seen it in a while! sailor venus was my favorite back then, along with sailor moon c: i forget her name, but i also like the pink haired little girl ^_^

  2. Hey, I'll watch sailor moon with you! :D
    I remember watching it when I was a kid. It's pretty awesome, despite the pointlessness of transforming perfectly manicured nail polish if your costume is just going to cover it up with long gloves, but oh well.
    I think the old layout was prettier and more whimsical, look forward to seeing the changes you make next.
    Ah... it's really nice to be reading your blog again :3

  3. I went to template > and the 7th Simple layout. Bbbbut it's actually still in the 'box layout' except that I put the background to white to make it look like it's not but it actually is D: sigh

    I also had to make my pictures really small to make it fit into my box! That's the whole reason why I wanted to change it. As you see from my earlier posts ~ the pictures are SO small that I have to squint to see them.

    AH you mean Sailor Chibi Moon? Aw, she's adorable! Sailor Venus is so cool but in the anime, they didn't really show much of her! In the manga she has an important role!

  4. YAAAY! Yes, I was obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was little! I never actually noticed the hypocrisy but maybe because I was just dazzled by all the shine and sparkle and the epicness of GIRL POWER!

    I also think the old layout was prettier and more whimsical ;_; I'm definitely going to change the layout today.

    I agree but I want to read your blog too! :D

  5. aku tumbuh sama disney princess dan salormoon sekaligus. sempat terobsesi jadi usagi malah, lol :p