[Review] Maybelline FitMe, Super Stay Concealers & Matte Powder & Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner

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Hello! Today I will be doing a review on Maybelline products I have purchased! I forgot my Maybelline Baby Lips however but I'm sure you can read lots of reviews on that product because it's awesome!

 I will be reviewing 4 products today and they are the

  • Maybelline FitMe Concealer in Medium
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer in Fair/Light
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Light
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Ever Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Black

I bought these all with my own money and they range from around $10~$25 depending on whether I bought them during a sale or just their normal price.

 I think they're OK prices for concealers/powders/eyeliners! The Baby Lips was under $5 here and that's similar to the price of LipSmackers so I thought that was pretty affordable since there is a lot of product. 

Dream Matte Powder


As you can see I've hit pan on this product already as I use it so much because it keeps the oil under control. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There is a lot of product and even though I chose the lighter powder, it suits a whole range of skin tones from extremely fair to medium skin tones. So I love the versatility.

It comes with a puff as well but I rarely use it as it makes my face look cakey.

The powder feels so soft and light like SILK! I feel like touching my face sometimes because it's so smooth and soft as if I didn't just put on BB cream and powder on top of it. I read a lot of reviews before buying it because I wanted the best powder for my year 12 ball and I'm proud to say that this powder did the job! I will definitely repurchase it. 

As you can see it - with concealer, BB cream and powder my skin looks so much better! It covers up my horribly large pores and gets rid of the redness and uneven skintone


I bought this also after reading many reviews! The ones I read said that it was a really nice product for combination/oily/acne-prone skin as it covers up blemishes well. I went to my local Priceline pharmacy and bought it because it was on sale but I picked up the fairest one and so it was waayyy too light for my skin. 

Although it is too light, I still use it on my skin but when I first applied it - I noticed that it dries up quickly and so it's really hard to blend it out. It also doesn't really have a smooth texture when it dries up but the texture of the concealer in the bottle is really thick and nice. 

The application is EASY though and grabs a lot of product! The coverage is also really good as well and covers up any dark circles or blemishes really well. 


I hadn't read any reviews on this concealer but because I bought the Super Stay 24 Hr one first and that was in the wrong colour, I originally wanted to get another Super Stay in a colour that would match my skin tone but it wasn't on sale anymore! So I bought the FitMe Concealer in Medium and I have to say that I'm really impressed!

I read a lot of reviews on the FitMe foundation and they said that it was more suited to dry skin so I thought the concealer would be the same but even though I have oily skin ~ it suits my skin really well!

The texture is creamy and smooth but oilier than Super Stay. It glides and blends with your skin really well and there is a larger variety of colours to choose from! 

I also love the application/bottle as it is easy to use but I have to keep getting more product because the applicator is so small and doesn't grab as much product as I need.

The bottle is so classy ~ I feel like I'm using a Chanel concealer because of it. Maybe it is just me...


This gel liner is really good and doesn't smudge, stays for a very long time and lots of product is in the bottle. However, it isn't as precise as my liquid eyeliner! Perhaps it is the brush but I find the brush to be so useless that I have to use my own angled brush to apply the gel liner.

The texture is also really smooth but dries quickly! You also have to grab more product to have a dark and perfect line for your eyeliner. It is also extremely hard to do a perfect wing/cat eye with the

However, the product is really good and there is a lot! The price was also on sale for $15+

Tried to apply it perfectly with the brush provided

Thank you for reading!! Leave questions/comments down below :) I hope this was somewhat helpful! 


  1. wow the dream matte powder looks amazin! the BB cream and powder makes your skin look a lot fairer and flawless *0* what kind of BB cream do you use? i saw the gel liner somewhere before and the reviews are supposed to be good D: it's definitely not as opaque as your liquid eyeliner which is kind of disappointing. the elf gel liner looks a lot more pigmented for a fraction of the price!

  2. Yeah, the powder is a really great product! I used the Skin79 Absolute Total BB Cream which I did a review on here:

    We don't have elf here so I haven't had the chance to buy products from elf but hopefully it arrives here soon because I would love to try it! I agree that the eyeliner isn't really pigmented unless you grab a lot of the product. :)

  3. I have the eyeliner and I love it :)))
    Ohhh I'm dying to buy the powder - looks so good!

  4. such a good review *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  5. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me :D

    I love your blog! Your outfits are so nice!!

  6. I definitely recommend the powder! It's a great product! :D

  7. such a great reviews! now i'm gonna hunt these products to the mall, i think these are what i am looking for, since we both are Asian and i think we have the same condition/texture with the skin... i hope i could find these all to the mall -_- hehe! thank you for the review!!

  8. Ahh I'm glad this review was helpful!! :)
    Thank you for your kind comments~

    I'm confident that if they sell it in Perth, it will surely be in other countries because Perth always gets things last! D: