Curtin University STRESS, New Car, 'The Most Popular Girls in School'

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Hi! Sorry I haven't been posting as often as I did before but university is making me rather stressful and busy to blog (although my life is quite boring so I didn't have anything to blog about anyways!)

This week has been rather stressful as I've been trying to enrol into university but being technologically challenged person I am - it's become quite confusing and makes me wish I had paid more attention in Computer Science class back in year 10!! (Surprisingly I passed that class even though I failed both exams.)

Anyhoo, I've decided to actually switch majors in the end to Advertising + Creative Advertising Graphic Design because I am more of a creative person and visual learner at the end of the day and I dislike maths with a passion and Marketing involves a lot of calculations. So switching majors during enrolment was sort of stressful and I had to visit the university in person to fill out a form. Then I had to worry about registering my classes and buying textbooks, Student ID, transportation, financial plans, what laptop to get?! etc.

I'm thinking of getting a Toshiba P840/00S Touch Enabled Notebook but it's $899!! So expensive, so my parents are opting it out to get it as BOTH my birthday present and my 'congratulations! You got into university' gift. It has really nice specs which my parents really like as it's 14 inches and an i5 Intel Core Processor PLUS it's a Windows 8 Touch Screen Notebook. Most importantly (for me) it has a CD Rom which is perfect for me in University!

 Bbbut my parents recently just bought a new car so they're pretty much short on those moolahs $$ right now. So I'm not sure when I'll get a new laptop so I'm crossing my fingers that they'll still have this laptop in stock by March when uni starts and toes crossed that it'll be cheaper than $899!

Yeah, we also got a new car also which is the Nissan Dualis and I'm not really sure what else but my sister finally has a car!! My mum is driving the new car and I really like it! It was on an 'End of year' sale so it went down to $35000 from $40000+ !! I got to choose the colour which is called Mineral Grey and it sort of has a blue-ish tinge to it! It only just arrived today and I sat in the back seat after we got the tinting done so I haven't really had the chance to see the features but I won't be driving it anytime soon ! (I'm still on Learners -_-;;)

Okay, enough about me! Today I would like to introduce something that has been going around TUMBLR. Being a frequent user of tumblr, there has been GIFs going around about these Barbie Dolls stop motion show called 'The Most Popular Girls in School'  and it's basically about these Barbie dolls named Mackenzie, Trisha, Brittnay, Deandre, Shay van Buren and Rachel Tice!

They actually kind of swear a lot (except for Trisha) and so if you have sensitive ears, this might not be the show for you! But the show is absolutely hilarious! It makes me literally laugh out loud more than Bob's Burgers does and you know how much I absolutely LOVE Bob's Burgers!! The show has the quirkiest and wittiest lines ever and the plotline is so smooth and everything is just so amazing. Someone please watch it with me so I have someone to talk to about this amazing show!

Here is the first episode if you want to check it out! :)

Thanks for reading this and sorry for the anti-climatic comeback! 


  1. i wanna do something related to graphic design too! and i hope you get your laptop soon o; it's probably good to look at a few other choices just in case the toshiba laptop doesn't go back in stock. it looks amazing though *0*

  2. ah your blog is so cute >_< *stalk stalk*
    congrats on getting into university :D I hope you get your laptop on time. It looks so sleek and omfg touchscreen!
    I just clicked the link to the video and i'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts ._.

  3. :D Yeah, good idea! We're waiting until I officially start uni to get it! I read through a lot of articles on the internet saying that an Apple MacBook Pro is better for graphic designers but I don't think my parents will give me a Macbook ^_^;; as they are so expensive. So I hope this laptop will do!