Hey, maths exam!

19:28 Cyndi 2 Comments

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So, I'm supposedly suppose to be doing my maths notes for tomorrow's exam but the thing is, I don't do maths notes and I am stressed about my art assignment which apparently has to be extremely good! So, yeah, I'm pretty stressed and I have an english exam, economics exam and another english exam tomorrow and on Friday. Then I have to study for a test on Tuesday after the public holidays are over. What a downer!

So I really don't know why I'm on here, writing this when clearly I should be studying and doing everything perfectly so I pass year 10. Or manage to...because I feel all depressed that I didn't study enough for my computer science but it's not really like I'm interested in computer science like some other people! 


  1. first when i read ur post i'm like holy sh** ur taking so many courses! then i realized ur in hs hahaha

    good luck in them, I usually post when i"m stressed as well so it's normal!