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I don't really like to blog about God and Jesus Christ because I'm not a person who should be preaching and all since I'm not a role model to anyone. I look up to a lot of people and some people who I look up to are my friends, my mum and my church leader who teaches us and I also look up to people who I don't even know on Tumblr because they post about their and other people's experiences and relationship with God. They inspire me so much but this post is mainly about some of my friends who I really envy because of their faith!

Since Term 3, they've created this Prayer group at school which is held at lunch times. At first I was like 'whatever,' it's going to be boring and all. I'd rather spend time with my closer friends and everything. Then on Sunday, my mum told me how she prayed for me and my sister and God gave her a scripture Matthew 15:8 which is:

8 “‘These people honor me with their lips,

but their hearts are far from me.
That sort of scared her a bit since it was true, sometimes we just get caught up with things and we don't do anything for God but when He is needed we pray and ask for things. I think this scripture applies to me also because I pray when I need Him but I don't pray when I'm thankful. Which is one of my many flaws as a Christian.
So I decided to go, like I felt the urge to go. I didn't regret it ONE BIT. At first I was hesitant and everything, I'm not a social butterfly so I don't really talk much. I'd rather stay at home playing Sims 3 than go out shopping and with friends. I really don't like praying out openly, I pray in my own personal bubble.
So we all sat around in a whole circle and started listing out all these prayer points. So at first it was silence when we first bowed our heads, closed our eyes and everything. Then everything just came flashing by and it was really emotional. It was as if God just gave them the power to speak all of a sudden because it was full on silence at the beginning then BAM! BAM! BAM! Prayers came out of each others mouths and it was overwhelming. These people are so nice and they're so wonderful. It really feels like a sanctuary because you know you're safe and you know that theres someone there protecting you. It's really hard to explain in words but I'm trying the best that I can :)
Then after that we went into small personal groups and prayer points, problems, topics and everything came out. Like it's amazing, cause theres some people who I discriminated or stereotyped as and everything because of the way they seemed or acted at school. When they started telling us all about their prayer points I was like 'oh hey, you're human too. You have ups and downs, challenges to face and you have problems in your life too.' I always thought their lives were going so well. They just didn't seem like the kind to have problems, I don't know what it is maybe it's because they seemed so confident and happy all the time. They said stuff that I wouldn't have predicted they would say. It's just AMAZINGLY AWESOME!
When we actually did pray, everyone in the group prayed (well except me >.>) but it was just so cool how everyone prayed for each and everyone. They covered all of the prayer points and didn't miss anything out. When the Prayer Meeting ended, it felt as if it had only been 10 minutes and not 40 minutes. It was over in a flash, I wish it lasted longer. I wish more people came though but the amount of people who actually went exceeded my expectations. So that was cool :)
Thanks so much for inviting me!

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  1. I'm so glad you went Cyndi!
    I'm totally gonna miss prayer meeting now that I'm gone, somebody's gotta keep it going! ^^
    God Bless,
    Danielle :)