[311010] Halloween

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9AM - 11:40AM Church

Elisha and Meeeeeeee
We play cricked ~ PING PONG style yo.
We learnt a cool song and waited until 11AM until everyone came out of the sermon.
It was plenty of fun.

12PM - 5PM City
Bought (finally!) JandixJunpyo necklace from Boys Before Flowers
They didn't have the JheartJ thing on the back though D:
It cost $32.30 !!! For a necklace >.>
Went to buy some shoes pink ones with a bow on it.
For summer time!
Only for $20!
Then my mum and sis went shopping in Target.
I found a top that I liked it was $35 though

I don't know why, but I love tops with art or images on them. Like the one above.
Continued going shopping.
Went to check out Alannah Hill!
It's like hella expensive, but hella PREEETTY.
Even the changing rooms are so pretty!!
They're like gorgeous, wanted to take a photo of it.
But a salesperson was looking at me xD

Taken from Alannah Hill Australia website
Check it out!

The Alannah Hill street
Then after that, we just went window shopping in King Street
(I say window shopping because King Street is like where Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffy and Co etc is)
We also checked out the Apple Store!!
It's mad awesome, it's so high tech and everything.
I bet everyone just goes in there to play with the iPhones, iTouches, iPads and stuff.
There's heaps of people in there...

Yup, then went back home.
My Halloween day...so far.

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