I Am A Dreamer

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I had a really weird but realistic but sort of unrealistic dream last night.
I got married to Kim Hyun Joong...dun dun dun.
At first it was a guy from school and we were all at a school dance. We all wore out dresses but he wore like his school uniform. Then we didn't want to dance but then we ended up dancing together and then the next thing I knew we were married. Then the next time the guy I was married to was Kim Hyun Joong.

 Then the next thing I knew was that we were at the beach picking up driftwood. Everything was very detailed at the beach though. There were rocks and shells and seaweed scattered around. There was a whole lake and harbour. There was also a bridge but as we arrived at the bridge we realised it was like a Mario sort of bridge. There were big holes in the middle and suddenly it got all technical and Mario-ish. We had to jump from one tiny spot to another. For some reason Bubzbeauty was in my dream showing us how to do it.

It was like that except the bridges were white and it was like sea water underneath the harbour. The harbour connected to a supermarket. If you fell into the water you would fail.

So we actually arrived at the supermarket and it was very crowded and I don't know why but in the dream I went to see the perfumes and everything. Kim Hyun Joong was like the perfect husband and everything and he would carry my bags. It was just really unrealistic of a dream but the details of like the setting and the sea water was sooo realistic. 

Man, that was weird. 

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