Harry Potter deathly hallows part 1 *contains SPOILERS*

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This post contains spoilers.

This trailer shows part 1 + part 2 but this post is only about part 1.

It was absolutely awesome, the whole entire movie. The visual effects, the CGI, the editing, the acting the filming!

Even though I didn't finish the deathly hallows but I remember it and it was just so similar to what I had imagined what with the deatheaters + Voldemort meeting in the beginning and the bit where they were in the diner!

It was so sad though I was gasping through out the entire movie like when the snake started attacking, the snatchers found them and when Bellatrix threw the knife and I was like 'PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE' and when I saw Dobby I was just covering my mouth in disbelief.

The scene where the slytherin locket horcrux bit was a bit awkward ahahah because they were naked and everything. Can you imagine filming...naked? Ugh! I saw the interview bit when Emma Watson said that she didn't know it was topless until the last minute.

A lot of the characters only appeared for like one scene and didn't for the rest. The Weasleys, Remus+Tonks, Hagrid, Fleur only appeared at the beginning and for the wedding and didn't for the rest. Really makes you wonder what happened to them while Harry, Ron and Hermione were together.

I really did like the Malfoy's in this movie though, they didn't seem mean instead they were threatened and scared and just wanted everything to be normal for them. Though I do like Bellatrix, she really went overboard! How dare she kill Dobby! How dare they kill Hedwig too and Mad Eye!

Can't believe theres going to be more deaths in the next part, better grab a tissue box :'(

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