Danae's 16th Birthday Party

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So, on saturday [18/06/11] It was Danae's 16th birthday party and it was semi-formal styled and it was a progressive dinner so we didn't know what was going to happen. Danae didn't really give out many clues or anything so we all guessed :)

I didn't bring my camera with me since it didn't fit into my bag, so there aren't many photos of the FOOD <3 and most of it are self shots. OH WELLS!

When we arrived there, Danae was still getting dressed and her church friends and Mel had already arrived. So we sat down to watch TV, and introduced ourselves. It was a wee bit awkward but it was alright when Danae came out! She unwrapped the presents and cards and we waited for the rest of the people to turn up. Jenna arrived, then Kendra, then Natalie then Chelsea.

We walked outside and we found a hot pink HUMMER!!! For anyone who doesn't have an idea as to what a hummer is, it looks like this:

Pink Hummer! (Similar to the one we had)
So yeah, we were all like super duper excited as we didn't expect it and the inside was amazing! It was like all bright and had heaps of speakers and the coolest hot pink seats.

Similar to our one except not as pink inside

We all had dresses on, so it was bit difficulty to get it since we had to bend over and cover up our bottoms!

Inside the hummer

Inside the hummer, checking out the videos

Our first stop was at Leederville, Sienas for entree! Yum, yum! When we first arrived at Leederville, the hummer stopped in front of a cafe with open doors so everyone inside could see! And we also saw all these group of Asians taking their cameras out and snapping photos! It was quite a sight, you feel like a celebrity!

We sat at the long table (far back) with the big tree near it,
near the two paintings [Left side]

The waitresses all had accents and we had trouble listening to them repeating the menu and it was quite funny but then Danae told us that they're all related, so that's why they all have accents. They were really pretty as well.

Our menu for entree were:
  • Basket of Italian bread
  • Platter, which includes; Olives, Feta, Italian Sausages, Roasted Capsicum, Potato Croquettes
  • Calamari Fritti (with Chips)
  • Spicey Wedges with Sauce
  • Lemon Lime Bitter (All 12 of us had it)
  • 2 Bottles of Mount Franklin
It was extremely filling and every single one of us were so full after eating it, and then we found out that we still had main and dessert!

Our main was at That's Amore in Woodvale and it was a small Italian Restaurant! The food was very nice! The food took a while to come as it came out all at once but I noticed that the table in front of me had theirs out and a few minutes later ours all came out - so I'm definitely not complaining.

The menu

I don't have any pictures of the place but I ordered lasagne from the set menu and it was delicious! Yun had Chicken Parmigiana and Danae and a few of the other girls had Gnocchi. I would definitely go back there if I could, it's delicious!

Taking a photo in the toilet ><



We edited really silly photos at That's Amore and found out that this other girl had her birthday there as well and she kept on looking over at our table.

Our next stop for dessert was Kingspark! It was already night time and so we saw the AMAZING city lights! Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos but we had this delicious cookies n cream cake for dessert but most of us were still incredibly full after the main meal so we didn't get it finish it all D:

Kingspark city view

That was basically the party, insert some crazy singing skills in the hummer, funny conversations and catching up with everything!

Here are some extra photos:

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