Paradise Kiss LIVE ACTION *contains SPOILERS*

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Paradise Kiss will be released as a live-action movie starring Kitagawa Keiko and Mukai Osamu. The film’s release date has been set for May 2011, but to indulge the hungry fans, some scene stills as well as a more-detailed cast list has just been revealed!

Igarashi Shunji (D-BOYS) will play the role of Isabella (actual birth name, ‘Yamamoto Daisuke’). ‘Isabella’ is a transgendered character who identifies herself as a woman by dressing and acting like one. To prepare for the role, Shunji lost 8 kg., removed his facial hair through laser procedures, and learned how to act like a lady (as Isabella is very well-mannered, feminine person).

The Atelier :D

Yukari/Caroline, Miwako! and Arashi

George/Joji and Caroline!


Beginning where Yukari faints! :O

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I added the captions myself :)
So far so good, airs May 2011 so plenty of time for me to rewatch and reread the anime and manga :)


What I really loved about this manga/anime was that it was realistic and about fashion. It wasn't about some typical weak girl who falls in love and falls in the wrong crowd.She has a lot of flaws and learns from her mistakes and experiences. It covers topics about life, relationships, family, friends and it's something you can relate to! I really did love the dress they made at the fashion show with all the beads and blue roses <3

Miwako is my favourite character and she's adorable and angel/childlike-like when really she's not as pure as she appears to be an hehe! Throughout the whole series I was craving her wardrobe (HER WHOLE WARDROBE including her hair accessories, shoes and pjs!) The closest thing I have to her wardrobe is like my pink heels :<  Need to shop at Forever New more!

I recommend Paradise Kiss to anybody who loves fashion/fashion design and slice of life. I'm such a realist sometimes (dreamer -always!) I always love reading and watching movies that I can relate to in real life. Then in real life I full on dream about unrealistic things like in Korean dramas =3=

Please check it out if you can :D
But it might not be suitable for some people >.> because it has like ... scenes XD

SPOILER (highlight to read): The ending was really sad because George and Yukari didn't end up together >< but that's another thing thats realistic about Paradise Kiss. Yukari chose her future instead of her love, she didn't want to end up like George's mother because she gave up her career. Caroline ended up with Tokumori!

Read here for a brief summary of the ending of Paradise Kiss! :D

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