My mum said I should write in my Diary

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Dear Diary, today I woke up...dreamless.
Meaning that I either 1) didn't dream at all OR 2) Can't remember my dream
Because usually I can remember bits of my dreams and yet today I couldn't remember anything,
I spent most of the day - chillaxing. Lying on this very yellow tulip-coloured sofa with a vivd green and grey blanket. Oh the pleasure of holidays!

So there wasn't really much I could do today, I stayed at home the whole day like any other day and watched YouTube videos. Fixed my blog a bit and read people's blogs. Went on forums and you know, the usual. Had soda and fish and hash browns. Played with Chocolate and cleaned up his urine and poop. Washed the dishes and put lemon on my skin (which stung and was itchy!)

That was pretty much my day, sad to say, but that's how boring I am.

This took me a while to get :/ But hey, at least I got it in the end, RIGHT?

Hey Sexy, _________before I root you are you over 16? Because if you are under 16..._______


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