Day 3 + Being a Male

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Girls with a Good Sense of Humor = Turn off for guys

I’m referring to funny as in ha-ha, not funny as in odd.

That is so stupid. Of course, girls like guys who have a sense of humour and it's so funny! Thing is, I've just realised that all my friends who aren't as hilarious always get the guys and the girls who entertain and are amusing don't seem to be in a relationship. Being funny is so not a male thing!! It's a girl thing too D: I've always wanted to be a guy ~ well the majority of times but sometimes I like being a girl.

Being a guy you can totally not hug and be all touchy. Yucky! Then you can say sick stuff and your friends will totally join in and not say 'Ewwww, you're so gross.' You don't have to dress up nicely all you have to do is wear a shirt even if you haven't washed it for a month, jeans and pair of sneakers. When you're a guy, you're also a lot smarter proof is - The best chef is a male, best hairdresser is male, best fashion designer is a male. Male Male Male! I couldn't even play karate with the kids because I was a girl D:

Day 3. Your idea of the perfect first date.
I really loved the idea in 'My Sassy Girl' where they swapped shoes and he had to wear high heels and she wore his sneakers :) Let him suffer before marrying because then they'll change and make YOU suffer.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

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