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Ahahahah! Today at church, mumsies friend gave her some eyeliner and told her to put on makeup so it'll make her less old and wrinkly so after we came back from church and shopping ~ did I mention that I went driving :O~  so she put it on after arriving back at home. OMMGG, it's so funny. I thought it was an eyebrow pencil so I was looking at her eyebrows instead of her eyes. So I was like 'I don't see anything different,' and so she asked me 'Do I put it on the top and the bottom? Or can I just put it on the top?' I didn't reply cause eyebrows don't have tops and bottoms and I didn't know what she was talking about. Then she came out of her bathroom and Ahahahahahahaha she looked so weird.

What a weirdo....

Then she blames me for not telling her what to do and asks me how to put it on..

'I tried the smokey look' - Mum!

I went driving today but it was my first time and I didn't know how to drive,,,,I kept on pressing the brakes cause I was scared :/ But twas fun!!!!

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