Day Two [late]

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Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1) I love food but am a super picky eater, I only eat really yummy stuff and if I don't like it, I don't eat it the second time but I try a lot of food before choosing whether I like it or not

2) I dream a lot and am more of a dreamer than a realist, I always get distracted by my dreams and thoughts

3) I love all things PINK but rarely have anything that is the colour pink :<

4) I laugh too loud...too much

5) I am a proud Christian but like always, I don't put in that much effort to build the relationship which I really regret but I really love reading and looking pictures Bible related and Jesus/God related cause it's really inspirational and I really don't like reading that much.

6) I have my own ways of showing I care, people just haven't acknowledged it because I do it secretly.

7) I sometimes wonder if I exist? Cause when I try to talk, nobody wants to listen so I rarely bother to open my mouth anymore

8) I am scared of public school students because I've never actually been to a public school before and after hearing about drugs and sex and pregnancy and stuff, I'm actually kind of scared of them even though I know it doesn't apply to everyone.

9) I love crunchie - icecream, chocolate etc

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