Thanks for the Memories

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I love how everything I've done in my life makes me who I am today and how everything I've done in the past is apart of my 'history'. The reason why I'm posting this is because...

In year 6, I was reading Total Girl and there was this section where a bunch of girls made a notebook and wrote down things and years later they published it. I stole the idea and did it together with two of my bestfriends back in 2006.

Today, 2010, I was reading everything we wrote and wow - I was such a drama queen back then. If I met myself today, I'd totally punch her and tell her off and everything. I was like so mean and evil back then ~ am I still evil and mean now? (>.> I did say sorry to the person I insulted in Psych class - they took it as a compliment *phew*) I had really low self esteem back then and I was really shy and everything and I sort of still am but I did try my best to break free from my shell and comfort zone.

I even wanted to make a website saying I hated someone and post really bad pictures of them and eevrything. I'm glad I didn't. I'm really glad I had such great friends in year 6, they supported me a lot. When I was rereading it, I was going 'That's so stupid' and like 'That's so mean and so wrong and the worst thing you could possibly do!' and yet my friends supported me, told me that it was wrong in a calm way and everything. I wish I was a better person back then. :(

But I guess I am made up of experiences and from learning from my mistakes. I really do love all of my friends, bestfriends, close friends, class friends, lunch friends ALL OF THEM!


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