Sparkling Wine

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Today after school, mum decided she wanted to drink the Sparkling Premiun Dark Grape Wine she's had in the fridge for over a month. So we opened it up....half an hour or more later.

It was horrible, we had no idea how to open it up and mum didn't bring out the stupid cork screwing thing until later 15 minutes later! SO we used one of those mechanical wrenches to pull it but when I pulled it the cork top came off and the rest of the cork was stuck in the wine bottle.

THEN mum took out that cork screwing thing and we tried pulling it out and along came Mandy and that didn't even work. We couldn't get that cork to even budge. Then mum tried cutting it up with a knife.

I walked away to eat lunch after that and then they were like 'its done, its done!' and so I quickly grabbed my cup but noooo.....the cork isn't out yet. Only a little bit so they asked me to pull.

Then mum finally got it out and we drank it all up in 5 minutes flat when it took us like half an hour or more just to open it up!

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