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Some people have asked me how I apparently got 18 mosquito bites in Hong Kong...welll,,in Tuen Muen there is lots of mosquitoes. That's where I lived when I first arrived in HK until Sunday because I moved to my half sister's place in Wong Tai Sin. In Wong Tai Sin - mosquitoes are pretty much extinct.

Apart from my strong hate towards flies I also hate mosquitoes as well, in fact, I hate mosquitoes even more....They leave you with embarassing wart like red dots that itch like crazy.

Today, because I'm moving back to Tuen Muen to go to church on Sunday, stuck on some 'keep mosquitoes away' repellent sticker thingie. It keeps mosquitoes away and I really wished Australia has some of these and also some 'keep flies away' one as well....

P.S Was going to put a mosquito picture on but all the pictures look horrible and I cringe looking at it so...NO


  1. I guess you've just got really sweet blood if you're always the target for mosquitoes...just like my sister. You'd be very popular with the vampires xD (ALice would be very jealous)

    dun even know if alice is alive!!!
    no contact from her since the last time i spoke to her.