Hong Kong 09-10 Trip: Day 0

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You know how I had that Confessions of a Teenage Dork?
Well, I think I'm going to do something similar to that but I'm not going to make up anything.
This is real, this is me. XD

10:01 AM Thursday 3/12/09
So, I woke up at like 7:20 AM today because that's the time I usually wake up and I couldn't get back to sleep so I started playing with my phone. Then it was like 8:50 AM and I wondered if the people at KCC were missing me (they probably weren't :/ ) Now I am here, downloading songs that I can sing in Hong Kong. I shall continue some other time :)

11:40 AM Thursday 3/12/09
Officially finished packing.

4:00 AM Thursday 3/12/09
Has officially finished shopping at Harbour Town. Went to the city at 11/12 and ate brunch. Then decided to go to Harbour Town where I got a hotpink luggage!! Finally~ more room to fit all my clothes in!!! My lock combination is: 520 (not worried that someone is gonna steal it cause theres no valuable stuff in it TT___TT) Mmm then went to shops cause mum wanted to buy stuff for family in HK. Had to finish unpacking and packing into my new luggage when I got back home. Now I'm on the computer kekeke~ Only 8 more hours left!!!! Wanna get a window seat. >,<

8:30 AM Thursday 3/12/09

Spent the last 4 hours packing, eating, msn-ing, facebook-ing and catching up with friends.
Not very interesting. Except very very funny msn conversations XD....

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