Differences between Hong Kong and Australia [UPDATED: 11 December]

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While it's my 6th day in Hong Kong, I can already name a few things that are very noticeably different from Australia.

~The Roads are very skinny
~Lot more population
~Cars are very clean
~Reckless and skilled drivers (super duper good drivers but they're all really dangerous, they speed trhough red lights and dont do signals)
~A lot more fashion/food stores
~Better winter clothes (cheaper too!)
~Hairsalons are cheaper and they have Perming, Ionic Straightening, Treatment (all the hair salons have the same things while as in Australia rarely hair salons have perming, ionic straightening...)
~Has Subways, Trains, Taxis, Light Bus, Buses, Trams and a lot more transportation
~Lots of different kinds of skincare and makeup shops - some like Chanel, Dior, Maybelline and some like IPSA, Missha, SK-II, Sasa
~You can tell students froms students and young adults from young adults really well (even if the students arent in their uniform)
~Students can leave schoolgrounds during lunch breaks
~Lots of couples
~Lots of markets with really cheap stuff
~In Hong Kong you can't see the sky so no rainbows and no stars and no moon coz of the humidity it fogs up but it looks really cool because the buildings are so high up so it's like covering the top of the building
~Everyone is really fashionable especially the young adults (even guys!)
~Theres two categories for guys they either are really fat and ugly or skinny and handsome
~There's three categories for student guys - fat, nerdy (usually has glasses and carries books) or the hot guys with a tie and has a messenger bag and are really tall
~There's three categories for student girls - chubby with glasses, average looking w/glasses and ponytail or the really naturally pretty without glasses and usually has a hot guy beside her
~Mostly appartments rarely any houses with a garden and everythng
~Elevators - HEAPS
~Lots of different races in Hong Kong
~Christmas Lighting in shopping malls totally pwns over any Australian christmas lighting
~Lot of shops don't close until 10PM

Will think of more...

[UPDATED: 11 December]
~Definitely more transportation
~Crowded streets
~Be careful of your handbag and belongings!!
~Hanging your clothings when you have an apartment is quite scary because you hang it outside your window on a horizontal pole and since I live in level 33 it is very high up o.O
~Has famous stores that Australia doesn't have like Tiffany & Co, H&M, Starbucks Coffee
~Cinemas are smaller but screen is larger and sound is way better
~Variety of magazines
~Has English everywhere for tourists, except for markets (but no tourists go there anyways)
~Saw white person speaking cantonese at McDonalds (have you ever seen a white person speaking chinese in Australia?) They're really fluent, very impressed ;O
~You can work at Starbucks,Maccas if you know english

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