Hong Kong 09-10 Trip: Day 1

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So...I was on the plane for 7 hours and nearly died. My body is still aching from lack of sleep and the way I leant on the hard seat. Tried to watched The Time Traveler's Wife and 500 Days of Summer. Didn't brush teeth xD but at least everything went really smoothly... Food was not that great.

Yum Chai
Hungry, hungry and very hungry and first thing we do when we get off the plane is go YUM CHAI. Nothing much was eaten during this time.

Beijing License Passport Thing
Errrr....least favourite part I had to get some license for Beijing and waited like hours and hours for it.

Walked the whole day -___- my feet are killing me. Bought 1 jacket and 1 shirt no shoes yet =___= and saw bridesmaid dress...its white with a blue ribbon. My mum bought more than me! :O

Market shopping (EW!!!!)
I SAW AN EEL THAT WAS MOVING AROUND EVEN WHEN ITS HEAD IS CUT OFF AND IT WAS BLEEEDING!!! And there were frogs...jumping around in a basket thingie... People eat frogs?! It was disgusting and smelt horrible.

Saw my cousin's daughter XD SOOO CUTE~ Don't think she lieks me that much though.

SOOOOOOOOOOO many asian students. I LOVE TEH SCHOOL UNIFORM!!! So jealous of themmm and asian guys :O and pretty asian girls :O the asian girls are very stereotypical:

-black hair tied up in bun or ponytail
- fringe pinned by bobby pin to side
-uniform with knee high socks and black shoes
-school bag (usually black)

Disneyland tomorrow and wedding on sunday..things will get interesting

@Sarah: I had to delete the videos from the french excursion unfortunately TT____TTT\

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  1. Sounds like you're having loads of fun :D
    Good to hear from you.

    AAHHHH you deleted the videos?? Ah, that's okay -_______- haha, it'll always be burned into our memory at least.