Hong Kong 09-10 Trip: Day 9

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So I saw the Storm Warriors 2 and not that good,,,
Bought Heroin Make - Mascara and it is like super good!!! Seriously, really really superbly japanese super. Japanese people are incredible. They make the coolest things....
Oh yeah, went to that Modern Toilet restaurant and food/drink was not that good but it was really funny eating from a toilet bowl XD and was really creative.
This was all in Mong Kok and there were loads of people!~
Then went to celebrities house (of course they weren't there) lol, i was gonna take picture but then the security guy came towards our car and I hid...scary.
Their houses are like super pretty and awesome, want it!!!!
Looks way prettier than normal houses.
What else......saw so many stuff but I hate shopping with my sister cause she never lets me buy anything even though in Perth she tells me to buy everything in Hong Kong but now we're in Hong Kong and I say I wanna buy it then she tells me to not buy it!!!!
I also dislike shopping with my mum even though I like that she pays for it kekeke~
These days the weather is getting warmer and warmer, so I can wear skirts and shirts.
Today I'm going to IPSA appointment to learn about makeup ^^ Maybe I can get that Missha BB cream that is 200HKD :O Still have lots of things to get like:
1. Foundation
2. Blush
3. BB cream
4. Shoes
5. Jeans
6. Bag

Yahhhhhh but only have 500HKD T.T Spending so much on eating these days....totally need to slim down.

Tonight was suppose to go to SS501's concert with Jess but mum won't let me go cause
-It's from 8PM to 12PM
-Going to church tomorrow morning (Sunday)
-Too faraway, concert is at the airport
-It's Hong Kong, not Australia so it's going to be dangerous

Yahhhhhh, oh well I just pray that church will be worth it....or something will make up that im not going to the concert,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Need buy Jess something to make up for not going to the concert with her >__>
Ahhhhhhh, did I tell you that theres like 50 billion bubble tea stores in Hong Kong?
And TAKOYAKI XD YUMMMM....lol wanna try it, havet had some yet.
Anyways gonnna go sleep now, think my hairs dried up...
OMGGGG theres taxis still driving around at this time (3:24am)

ahhhhhh Maccas in HK totally pwns the ones in Australia
Asia is very muchh more advanced than Australia...or perth in general
Maybe that's why Australians are racist? Cause Australia is so undeveloped and are just jealous?
XD~   Wannna go to Japan or Korea so badly..............
bought Popteen magazine here sooo pretty~

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