(Scary) Last Day of Year 9!!!

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My life as a Year 9 has officially ended with a loud siren.
Apparently there was a little black box and the teachers thought it was suspicious and think it is a bomb.
It was located near the library/office area.
I was in my French class which was near the library and I thought the lockdown was fake!!!
Omg I could have died on my last day of school.
Then the police came and the teachers told everyone to go to the oval to go home.
But me and Emily were rebels and went towards where my mum was parked.
Then the teachers wouldn't even let us out and so my mum got mad cause we were taking ages!

~At Emily's House~
Giving her IRIS eps 8-14 and my mum came in and started talking to Emily's mum, Michelle (I think that's her name???)
My mum's english is so bad =___=

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