Hong Kong 09-10 Trip: Day 4

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sica arriving in hk today!!!!

yaaayy~ finallyy can rest after 3 days of waking up early x.....x

pichars up keke...disneyland zzz on facebook....sadly no wedding fotos yet
 what colour shood i dye my hair with buubble liese hair dye o.O?? looks rly awesome!!!! I LOVE JAPAN!!!!!
cant wait til going to beijing so i can see snow...
running out of HKD already :O sooo pooorrr
bought a mini compact mirror and a Kiss Me Heroin Make Lipgloss in Beige.
Think I'm gonna get more at Sasa tonight,,,,,so tired it is already 1:14 yet it is so bright and noisyyyy and theres still lots of cars on the freeway and very bright lights are all still on...
ate japanes sushi today (MOnday) and had vietnamese...but then mum kept on saying that the food in aus is better hahhhhhaaa mmmm yah
mozzzzyyyy bites have so many on my leg its not even funny x.x so itchy
^)))____^ goodnitee evewyone dun wan anymore mozzy bites V___V ORZ ahhhhhhhh

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