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My Orientation week (O-week) started on Monday! Actually all of the other universities except for my one has already officially started classes but ours start next week! I am really nervous and extremely excited for it!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much!!! One of my new years resolutions was to blog a lot more but in the end I didn't even blog as much as I should! The thing is, I don't really know what to blog about since I'm such a boring person.

However, I shall just continue ranting on about my life even if no-one cares anyways.

I'm only going to Curtin on Monday and Wednesday because one of the events is compulsory and Wednesday is when all the fun things happen. I joined so many clubs today! It was like those Japanese high schools where you join clubs except you can join as many as you want!!

I joined two Christian clubs, the Anime club, two Asian/Chinese clubs and I plan on joining a Marketing club except I had no money left for the club fee so I couldn't join! I think I'm only going to stay in maximum three clubs as I won't have enough time for so many of these clubs to be honest since I have a job now! But first year will be less stressful compared to second and third year so it's best to participate in as many events as you can!

I honestly can't wait until university starts!

On a side note -- I still don't have lavender hair :( On another side note - I am still an unfashionable blogger. SIGH!

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