The First Week of being a 'FRESHER'

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I survived my first week as a university student. (Excuse me but this is a great achievement on my part)

I survived the tutorials, the lectures, the workshops, the whole attempt at  making new friends in the largest university in my city, taking public transport, waking up at unearthly hours and accepting the fact that I will be stressing the next couple of months due to the heavy workload.

I never thought university life would be so stressful but I actually have an assessment due nearly every single week! I take four units/classes which are marketing, management, communications in business and design practice. The most fun one is definitely design practice but sadly, the one I'm most worried about since it is so time consuming. I love it though - I get to work with fancy iMacs desktops and work with Photoshop (I've only ever used Paint Shop Pro)! We're currently doing a photo montage in class and it's really fun! I haven't really made any friends yet but the people in the class are all so artsy and fashionable and generally really nice (I've only talked to like two people >.>)


Anyways, we're working on combining three images into one image. One of them is a background, an object and a person/people. I chose these three:

Basically I have to combine these three into the background. We're supposed to make them look as natural as possible and make it look like a real photograph. The thing is - I have no idea where to place the bench and the father with the kid. I'm thinking of placing the bench in the background and maybe the father where the benches are or situated in the boats themselves. So I'm stressed about that and I don't have Photoshop so I can only do it in class and so everything is just pretty stressful as it's due the week after!! We also have to remove the scratches as you can see and that's pretty easy - just the placing and tweaking of the image lighting/contrast/saturation to blend into the montage that's pretty difficult for me. 

My other classes are pretty boring. Especially communication in business and management. I actually like marketing and the idea of it. I could barely finish the first chapter of management in my textbook. Apparently we were supposed to read chapter 1 of the textbook before our first class this week - which in my opinion is pretty stupid because we actually need to go to class to see which textbooks we need or what we need to buy etc. I didn't even know what to bring on the first day of university and my university doesn't do a really good job of helping the first years to fit into university. Orientation day was really no help at all since all the events were in different rooms and we had no idea where the event buildings were even located. - Moving on, first class we already received an assignment about CADBURY Marketing and yeah apparently I should've already finished researching the company.

This is a photo of my desk by the way... of course I tidied it up before taking a photo.

I felt like such a stereotypical business school uni student with my coffee (Iced coffee ...shhh). I swear everyone in university who are in second and third year carry coffee cups with them around campus.

My tutors are also pretty cool except for my communication in business tutor. He always ends up smiling at other people and frowning whenever I'm talking. D: WHAT DID I DO?! We're supposed to talk more in this class so I muster up my confidence to speak and then I end up getting discouraged to talk because of it. It's only been the first week and first class so I'll see how it goes but I met a really cool girl named Laura from Germany and she's really friendly. There's also this girl in my class with awesome purple ombre hair and ugh. WANT. Haven't seen her in any of my other classes.

I better continue studying now huhuhu TT____TT ... Until next time....which might be awhile since I'm going to be preeettyy busy for the next months or so.

By the way, if you have any suggestions on where I should place my images into my montage PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS???!!?!? I will really appreciate your input!

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