[RANT] Old + New Job

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Today was my first 'official' day at work - official because I had training before and tonight was my first official day where I get paid for working!

This is my second job and I like it so far and I hope I will continue to like it because all of the staff there are so nice and help me out. I don't mean to be such a bitch about my other job at Hungry Jack's but honestly some people working there were being really hostile towards me. I really need to get this off my chest. Some customers were also really rude and unfriendly. (Most of them were generally lovely!) Most of all - I had to take all of this for $8.40 an hour! That's really not a lot and the shift hours were killing me. I had to buy my own lunch during my breaks and they are usually more than $8.40!! I know I shouldn't complain since it's a fast food store and it's usually like that but I basically do really similar things as where I am working right now (except for taking in orders and telephone orders etc.) and I get treated with a lot more respect!

I haven't had any incidents like that so far (two days >.>) I don't work for extremely long hours and the other waitresses and the boss there are just so extremely friendly people. The customers are also really friendly and even when they have been waiting for such a long time they tell us in a mature manner instead of yelling at me and giving me the evils.

On the day of my training I was not familiar with the table numbers and kept messing up the orders but none of the customers started yelling at me or said anything rude. I still remember that guy who yelled at me when I gave him the wrong order. He wanted an orange Fanta and I gave him a frozen bubble gum Fanta instead. Which is a total bonus on his part by the way. Then he started yelling at me and telling me that 'I ORDERED A FANTA!!!!!'

Anyways - more praise for my new job -- SO DAMN FLEXIBLE MAN. I don't have to speak to a specific manager to ask for a day off or something. The managers at Hungry Jacks told me to come in for work on a FRIDAY! That was a Friday .... after high school.  YEAR 12 HIGH SCHOOL. SENIOR YEAR (For all your Americans!) At 4:30pm. It takes me like half an hour just to get home via public transport and they expect me to get to the city in less than an hour!? Flipping didn't ask me about it and assumed I would come in on school days! NO WAY. Fridays are already tiring enough after school. I survived a whole week of school - I need a break as soon as possible.

The main reason why I quit was because some of the people were being really hostile towards me and weren't treating me right. You see, I usually work with the same manager but he became sick so another manager had to fill in his place. As I usually work with the other manager - I've gotten used to his own system or way of running things and getting the orders in. With this other manager - he has a completely different way of running things so he always happens to get annoyed at me because I apparently don't do the orders fast enough or I don't communicate with him etc. So he became really hostile towards me and started to treat me poorly. I also only managed to make somewhat three friends at Hungry Jacks. One of them who left for another job.

So the people there aren't that friendly there~ it's just a totally different vibe where I work at right now. I just hope it continues this way because even though it's far away and they expect me to do a lot more things I really love the staff, customers and the way of running things there.

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