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I can't believe I'm 18 already. I still remember being 12 and freaking out because I thought being 20 seemed so old. It's really exciting at the same time because now I am officially an adult and I get to go online shopping using my own card and I get to go to university and drink legally ;) 

I turned 18 on the 8th of February! I didn't really have a fancy party - just a casual dinner with my closest friends and sister.

I didn't take my own camera ~ so I only managed to steal these photos from my friend's camera!

Playing around with my FANCY new fish-eye camera! Back to old-school cameras (yey)

Having dinner at Tiamo ~ my dish wasn't that nice (boo)

Scuse the messy room *embarassed* but birthday outfit of the day/night!

The AFTER party ~ Long story here...

FUNNY THING about the above photo. Originally we had planned to go clubbing (first time!) after my birthday dinner but today being ridiculously my unlucky day (!) it turns out my passport expired like 2 years ago so I wouldn't be able to get into the club anyways. So after the whole day getting excited about going clubbing and drinking beer and cocktails ~ I ended up staying at home and liking the rest of my Facebook birthday messages.

tryna be modles - this is our 'model' pose

Overall, I had a really fun birthday as opposed to my other birthdays where I usually just celebrate it at home with my family and eating weird cake. We drove all the way South to see the skyline which was amazing and I wish I could show you right now but unfortunately I'll have to wait until my friend gives them to me or something.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweety!! I hope you have a well and happy 18th year =D

    Jo Tokyo ~<3