New Years Resolution (2010)

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1.Make videos for YouTubein 2010
Actual YouTube videos where it is worth watching :)

2. Make cute lunches for school and don't always buy lunches from canteen

I chose this specific photo because its simple! (I'm so lazy xD)

3. Go out shopping and stick to a certain style, get new shoes, get makeup blah blah etc

I thought florals were lame until last week XD
They're pretty!

4. Grow out hair and attempt to NOT cut it

Because I always end up cutting my hair D: even though I told myself to grow it out

5. Save, save, save and get a job!

Cause who doesn't like money? Kaching!

6. Re-decorate bedroom and get a bedroom makeover
(Or just simply ask sister to move out and steal her room and redecorate her room since it's so much larger!)

Ooooommmgggsh, I want this room so badly!!

7. Get a debit card so I can go online shopping :)
(Which solves most of the shopping problem and don't need to save as much!)

Hate going on eBay knowing you won't be able to buy the stuff on there TT__TT
8. Get smoother, clearer, acne/pimple free skin!

Gemma Ward is my favourite model!
And she's Australian as well!
And she has flawless skin (so jealous!)
9. Get straight A's for both semesters in all subjects (even for Human Bio!!!)

And don't tell me you've never encountered those people!!

10. Have an awesome super duper year and make new friends (exchange students!) but don't forget to appreciate the friends who've stuck by you all the way!

Everyone. Needs. Friends.
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  1. Good luck Cindy!
    Let's make some super awesome (ultra daggy :D) videos together. And dance like prats. Ooooooh that sounds like fun ^^