30 Day Asian Drama Challenge [in a couple of days] Day 1 ~ Q1-6

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Because I can never seem to actually finish it all in time. I always end up finding a better one to do ahaha.

So I'll split it up into 5 days....Which is 6 questions each :)

01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?
Like way back when I was little watching TVB dramas with family.

First Taiwanese drama would most probably be Meteor Garden aahaaha. My eldest sister was obsessed with it!

First Japanese drama would have to Majo no Jouken, damn that was sad too and really dramatic and I was really young when I watched it too and I had no idea what was happening and why her tummy suddenly got big and why everyone was against them being together. (Maybe because I couldn't understand japanese :P) I just remember her screaming her head off in the library before she has the baby.

First Korean drama would have to be like Autumn's Tale which was so sad and my aunty showed it to us when I was in Hong Kong and we cried and bawled our eyes out. I was really little then too and I always thought Korean dramas were all sad and tearful after that!

02. Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching.
Right now I'm watching:
Korean: Dream High and My Princess - both of which are happy and aren't melodramatic. Oh how times have changed :)

Taiwanese: I'm not very interested in it but still watching in it - Love Buffet. I don't know, there's something that irks me about the girl. She just annoys me. I don't like characters like her she's so naive and cheerful all the time and the plot line kind of annoys me too. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I don't read as much shoujo mangas as I used to :/

Japanese: Watching anime so not much drama from japan happening here :( All of them are turned into movies instead. Bummer...

03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.
I'm actually pretty good at avoiding bad dramas since I watch dramas which my friends and family recommend to me and they have great taste. Though sometimes after I finish a certain drama I tend to get lack-of-dramas syndrome so I try to look up some dramas to watch....

Korean: Goong S, okay I absolutely LOVED Goog/Princess Hours so I was super duper excited when I heard Goong S was out even though it wasn't Goong 2 but Goong S. Big disappointment after first 3 episodes. Ugh, stopped watching after that.

Japanese: I have so many bad doramas/j-dramas -.- Koizora (the drama) - like wtf is with his hair? It's like full on dead and the rooots ugh. I didn't like the cast LOVED the movie way more.
Absolute boyfriend - wow big disappointment from the manga.
Yamato Shinchi Henge - I had such high hopes for this drama since I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the anime to bits. But then . . . I stopped watching after first episode because they full on twisted the plot around.

Taiwanese: Love Contract, I couldn't even finish it because it was so lame and boring...I ended up reading the ending and yup - totally not worth it but I loved the ending and opening song. I hope Ariel and Mike can collaborate together in a better drama!

04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama.
Princess Hours


Hana Yori Dango


It Started with a kiss/They Kiss Again

05. Which Asian drama made you cry.
Tree of Heaven
Seito Shokun
(at the end mostly)

Autumn's Concerto

06. Favorite Asian drama OST.
Korean: Boys Before Flowers + Jungle Fish 2
Japanese: LOL never even listened to their OSTs
Taiwanese: It Started with a kiss 1 + Bull Fighting

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