I want... Red Hair

20:23 Cyndi 2 Comments

No, not the orangey-red dullish colour but the VIBRANT red colour!

Park Bom :D
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Seriously want her hair!!

Vibrant Red Hair!
I actually dyed my hair red when I was 13 (before my hair died and splitted away~ because it was so dead from all the dying I did) Hey, dying your hair was cool in year 8 haha.

See! See?
Ah..you probably can't :/
I couldn't find anymore pictures that actually showed my red hair because well...I dyed it over black hair so you could only see it in the light. But I want vibrant (and visible) red hair the next time I attempt to dye my hair!! Which will not be this year...because I'm focusing on growing it out more than colouring it ^^ 

I might be going back to Hong Kong this year, maybe I'll find a vibrant red hair dye just in time for the year 12 prom. Yeah yeah yeah!! I'm totally cutting my hair after the year twelve prom -.- I've been growing it out since year 8. (Failing badly ;_;) 

Really (seriously this year!) not going to cut my hair at all!!! omggommggomgg I want red hair so bad.


  1. i want red hair tooo\\\!!!

  2. You have to lift your color, then dye it red. I suggest going to a hair salon because your hair is so dark.