Paintbrushes, Coffee and Psychology

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Fight for what you love, And love what you fight for
School is starting soon. Year 11, they say.
That's two more years until I graduate. That's a scary thought.
I'm one of those people who are still deciding what to do with their life.
I don't have any particular interests besides blogging and going on facebook.
I'm not an outgoing person and I'm excluded from the rest of the crowd because of one flaw.
I'm an idealist, I think too much and speak too little. I don't speak what's on my mind; I bottle it up.
It's just so scary to think that once I'm over these 2 years of exams and constant studying - I'm out there, in society where I'll have to work or continue studying at different universities from my current friends.
I'll lose contact with them (like I always do) and they'll make new ones and everything in highschool just seems like a blur.
When did time catch up and speed ahead?
I'm still taking it in all very slowly.
I don't want this to be over.
Not yet.

I don't even know what I want to be and what to do with my life yet,
All I can do is wait, look around to see if God has given me any signs.
I'm blind though, I can't pick up these signs because I'm dreaming.
I've been dreaming a lot these days too.
The dreams are indescribable and queer.
It's as if it's predicting the future but the future seems so far away.

I'm just a confused teenage girl with too much on her mind.

End rant.

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