Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season episode 1: Valentine's Day

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So after a week of constant waiting I finally watched Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 episode 1 (the other one didn't count!!) - Valentine's Day. Although I've already read the manga but watching the anime made me even more upset that Sawako didn't give the chocolates to Kazehaya!! He was looking forward to them and it seemed like everyone else had them except for him D:

Even though Kurumi is really adorable and cute, in this episode I really hated her!! No wonder why they put the Episode 0 about Kurumi and her "rejection" so we could feel sorry for her and understand her side of the story. Me and Kurumi have a love/hate relationship. I totally hate her sometimes but then I totally love her and pity her. Haha. Though Sawako will always and I mean ALWAYS beat Kurumi!! Both personality and looks ^_^

Kimi ni Todoke Valentine's Day opens up with Sawako cooking miso soup and making bentos for yano and yoshida. Oh yammy miso soup!! They both say that it's delicious (oishii~~!) and I was totally craving it as well. It's like asparagus wrapped with meat. Yummy!!

Sawako then goes on about how the seats have changed. She no longer sits next to Kazehaya and near Yano and Yoshida. TT____TT Let's take a moment to cry and think about what happend to season 1 here. Huhuhuhu~ Anyways, Sawako sits in front of a girl who likes to tickle Sawako in the middle of class times! Ahahah her expressions are so cute!

Then we are shown that it's the 13th of February that means Valentine's Day is tomorrow :O So Sawako ends up making her chocolates. So adorable!!

 She makes these adorable mini chocolate cupcakes with nuts and love hearts on them. I think they're chocolate not cupcakes though...They're just put in little cupcake thingos...Ugh, nevermind. She blushes when she writes Kazehaya's name and then she overthinks during this process. Which is really cute I must say and that's what goes through every girl's mind ahaha. I think...or maybe that's just me?

Sorry if you can't see the translations but it says:
#1 Wait, why does Kazehaya'a bag seem to have more pieces than everyone else's
#2 Why are there so many hearts?
#3 W-Was I favoring him subconsciously?!

Sawako you are so adorable ><

So then during the whole school day Sawako is hesitant to give Kazehaya's bag of chocolates. She's tried many times but was too shy to speak up. Kazehaya finds out that Sawako had given it to her friends and wonders if Sawako will give him a bag too. He's getting all worried and jealous ><

It's the end of the school day and Sawako still hasn't give the chocolates!! Kazehaya is just about to go home when Pin stops him. It's that weird red headed dude that's really close with Kazehaya by the way. Anyhoo, he drags Kazehaya somewhere. Turns out he wants a massage and blackmails Kazehaya with the past.

Like that!

Sawako finds this as a chance and waits for Kazehaya so she can give her chocolates to him. Yano and Yoshida already had something planned but smart Yano knows that Sawako hasn't given the chocolates. So they leave first.

Kazehaya finds out that even the teacher received chocolates from Sawako yet he hasn't. So he leaves the room feeling deperessed and everything. Sawako sees him and follows and shouts of his name as he's walking down the stairs. But at the same time Kurumi shouts his name as well - so Kazehaya can't hear Sawako's. Booooo!!

Sawako hides in a corner. Kazehaya accepts Kurumi's chocolates because it will be Kurumi's "first and last" Kurumi sees Sawako and teases her. Saying that Kazehaya only accepts obligatory chocolates and doesn't accept handmade ones. Sawako hesitates and overthinks about the chocolates. The chocolates mean a lot to her and they aren't just obligatoty chocolates. Sawako likes Kazehya!!!

We see Kazehaya leaving the school. We are then first introduced to KENTO MIURA!! Though I was always rooting for Kazehaya - he is like the perfect guy.

Yeah and then Sawako ends up not giving the bag of chocolates and end credits. This probably sums up my feeling/emotion/reaction after watching this episode:

Stole from tumblr. Please comment so I can credit you.
Yes. Please leave comments on what your reaction was after watching Kimi ni Todoke episode 1!!! I really enjoyed writing this but I'll probably be too lazy to blog the rest of the episodes :(

I wish I had more money to buy the Kimi ni Todoke mangas!! ><

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