Update on my sims 2

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So, yesterday and today I updated sims 2 after not playing for such a long time -_-
Here are some piksss:

After years (days...) together, Ju Yeon and Key divorced! I know right? Totally unexpected from the "perfect" family but Ju Yeon caught Key (a family sim) on her with Emkae, another sim girl (pleasure sim)! 

Their marriage wasn't always rocky but Ju Yeon was really mad and broke up with Key ): 
Now Key has a child with Emkae and another one is coming along as well :O
Ju Yeon is doing OK with Mikki and Tim.

Timothy and Tommy recently got together ^_^
Now they're dating :D
They also had a dream date together!!

Memories of Ju Yeon and Key

One of their dates together, back in the days *sigh*

When they were engaged...

Ju Yeon pregnant with Timmy :D

Some pictures of Jenny and Jay

Ju Yeon's first home

Photobooth piktures

There is Jenny, Jay, Ju Yeon, Enakei and Alex all at one table.

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