I've forgotten how it felt like to be the PARTY PHOTOGRAPHER :)

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So... 8th May 2010 twas Laurike/Chucky's partay. There was a table full of food - literally and the food just kept on roooollling in.
It had like subway sandwiches, snacks, mini kebaby thingies, chips, chocolates and the BEST chocolate cake ever and juice and soft drinks :)

I started my work quickly and took out my camera and started taking pictures :) They're on my facebook by the way, it's not private so that means YOU can look through it.

I'll list out all the people as possible as I can:

Me, Laurike, Nicole, Sarah Y, Sarah M, Sarah T, Rebecca, Emily C, Faith, Yun, Anaya, Kendra, Isabella, Kayla, Estelle, Ashleigh, Emily D, Jenna, Laura, Sharon, Gabby = 21 people :O

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