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I want these shoes!! Well maybe not the far left one but the middle and right one looks fabby.
Okay, okay, so I'm so old-fashioned. 'Dr.Martens have been around since World War 2!!' 
I know I know >.>
BUT still, they're the best and comfortable shoes.
 I love them as much as my Converse shoes.

I also love Mary Janes as well....

I wouldn't wear these those ~ I like high heels but not HIGH HIGH heels.
But if they are, they have to be extremely comfortable.

I especially love Vivienne Westwood's shoes:

Though I wouldn't know what I'd wear with this.
I don't think I have anything in my wardrobe matching this.

I also really love shoes that have bows on them but you can't really find any cute shoes here.
They're really mature and usually high heels.
I need to buy some boots for moi though!!
It's WINTER time and I still haven't bought any boots yet.
Well actually...I haven't seen any boots that are in my price range and that are good.

These shoes, I would DEFINITELY NOT wear!!!

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