Thank you God!!

20:01 Cyndi 4 Comments

I just realized that a lot of my prayers were answered :)

There is...a
japanese class at our school finally! So no more 'bonjour and s'il vous plait' it shall now be replaced with 'konban wa? and genki desu ka?' hehe!

Also, I prayed that God will help me with school and he did. I feel stressless and I'm actually doing homework right now. Preparing for exams in 2 weeks! Eek!!

Today, we're suppose to be doing a maths test but we didn't! Oh my gosh, I am so happy about that right now. I did try to revise but then I realized I have psychology to do which is pretty easy so I'll just do the easy stuff right now. I've already revised about nearly half of it so all is good.

I really need that site on how I should properly study for an exam but my laptop broke!!! Arghh,, I wonder if I can find it again...


  1. :) God is iiiiinnnnnncrredddiibble :D

  2. That's awesome! The only classes my high school had were the typical ESL, Spanish, and French. If you wanted German or Mandarin Chinese, you had to do it online.

  3. AHHH japaneeeeese :D
    and what psychology?
    i have an excuse - wasnt there yesterday.
    i was staring at hot Scotch boys :D
    x cu later todayy(L)

  4. You were? o.O The "hot" Scotch boys were staring at me because I had a wicked, awesome delicious chocolate cake and they had to have bran muffins. Suckers :P