KhunToria! #5 + Masterchef Australia [250710]

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Wow, through out the whole of episode 5 I was like giggling and laughing so much because it was either funny or wayyy too cute!
Second favourite after Jo Kwon & Ga In (they always always always make me laugh in every single episode!)
But no matter how many times I watch the Sweet Potato couple (SeohyunxYongHwa) it just gets really boring and then I never end up watching it.

Masterchef Season 2 Opening

It was so exciting throughout the whole episode! I really really wanted to be one of the judges because they looked so nice! Especially the dessert they had to make at the end. Wow! It was like a peachy colour.

It also surprised me how they didn’t know it was a guava and a cumquat! Especially the guava bit that was so easy yet they didn’t get it!


Anyone else excited for It started with a kiss – Korean version? I know I am, it’s one of my favourite taiwanese dramas EVER.

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