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So....ever since I turned 18 I have officially (and legally) been able to go online shopping as my parents didn't allow me before as they believed - I quote - it to be 'dangerous' and that people get their money stolen from online. I think they still live in the stone ages as obviously they've never gone online shopping in the 21st century and I believe they only heard such stories from like yonks ago!

Anyhoo - today I finally got my second item I've ever bought! They're these tattoo stockings in 21. Universe.

OK. Tattoo stockings. First step to getting Juria Nakagawa's look ...well close enough. I don't think I'll ever be able to be as fashionable as Juria to be honest. Bbbut TATTOO STOCKINGS!! I want to buy all of them!! The one I bought was $3 and I really wasn't sure which pattern I wanted so I just randomly chose this Universe one and it came in the mail today. It's a bit small on me and I was so scared of ripping it but I managed to make it at least fit though the design is a bit stretched but all is well! :D

I don't remember if I've mentioned it before but my parents got me a 13 inch Macbook Pro for my university gift! So I bought a case for it online because the second day I got it and brought it to school - I had already scratched it! :( I thought the case would be a more pastel mint green colour but it's actually sort of a darker shade when its on the macbook. 

I only just bought this today and it was a really last minute decision. (I had always wanted the other ones before I had ebay) I bought this because my friend suggested I buy it so that we can have WIZARD DUELS!!! Also, I really love Fleur Delacour's wand for some reason. It's actually a more browner shade in the movie but I don't know why it's green for the ones online. :S

AHHH ALSO ALSO ALSO I have wanted this bag for agggggeeess!!! My friend said she would get it for me for my birthday but then the seller on eBay cancelled the transaction so I'm not sure what happened but I bought it!! Hopefully it arrives soon because I can't wait to use it. Ahhh I want it with me already! Look how stylish Juria Nakagawa looks with it! 

I want to end this post with some bizarre photobooth photos I have saved!!!! 

I don't know what's happening here either

Everything is just so funny

I think this totally captivates me and my dog's relationship.


'Why me..why'

He just looks so sad ahahahaaha.

He is the demon dog.

Adventure Time-ing whilst waiting for Adventure Time to load

Waiting for everyone to get dressed 

How you doin gurl

Me before I singlehandedly finished all of the Ferrero Rochers

You can tell he's my dog. 

Me failing at copying Juria coz my nose is too big and her head is too small

How I feel all the time

I think this should be my permanent face tbh.

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